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Sunday, March 15, 2009

maxine !!

Maxine my dearr lovely friend - that ends up paying me out in every convo =0
soo heart broken
sorry i didn`t pick up yourr phone calls - i was studying & your lovely voice would distract me ..
yoour distraction is worse den goo joon pyo`s !!
Rememberrr THE HYD ~~~ thursdaaay night =]

well .. todaay sucked ! i decided to stay home today; to focus on my chem ... but now i`m distracted again .. so i`m blogging !!!!!!! mmm ... i really feel like ramen ~ the one at ichiban boshi with yuri !! I loove sitting on our buttocks the whole day and talk about nothing .. but somehow it all fits and links ! --''

AHHHH laura !!! math tutor - dangg i cudn`t go because i`m too lazy ^_^
Our graphics exam is on wednesday ~~ epik fail .. ~ why does chem & math B exam all in one day !!!!

oohhh pooooo i better do some quality work !

1 comment:

  1. i was thinking

    lets go to japan in the middle of winter when its cold

    and go to one of those ramen stands on the street where u have to eat ramen in the cold

    so it would be lik cold.. but hot ... ahh~~

    nice~~ nne??