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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boys over Flowers

omgahh >_<
i was watching.. korean boys over flowers and i`m like in love with goo joon pyo <3
he is sooo cheesy and cute ! hehehe
well .. i screen print my favourite scene ... !! i thought it was sooo cute =]
btw .. this blog is going to be dedicated to boys over flowers ! hahahahahah so sad isnt it ==''

.. i was stalking lee min ho. on hancinema .. & i came across this picture !! for some reason, this pic looks like han ~~ not the face of course but the body ~! Doesn`t anyone think so ? hahahahah (yuri - NOOO WAY)

hmmm ... well.. you guys have to keep up with my changing subject scheme ! LOL .. i`m just gonnah write what poops in my head :D

ohh look at kim Boem - he is soo cute with Ga eul ~~ ahhhhhhhh i hope the korean drama changes - so they actually get together !! They areeee soooooo adorable >_<*squeels* heheheheh =P he is sooooo baby cute ~~~ awwwwwwww *pat pat*

& yuri . i want to be her --> when i get to uni =D hahahahahahh our LONG discussion about "cuteness" is sinking into me .. slowly.. & has very slow effect... its coming ~~~

i thought his new haircut is pretty sweeet .. but some parts of the drama.. he is like gay ! ahahahh with Joon pyo =] But i still think he is cool.. LOL autistic . convo ~~ (yuri) ..

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  1. kim bum + ga eul couple~ <3 kyaaa cute!!

    yesh our "cute" and "cute"

    okei u can be cute and ill be the other cute~~

    but i plan to morph into the other cute that you are when i get older since u cant be cute foreverrrrr hahahha

    err dats confusingnezzz xp