Bienvenue Mes Amis

All you got to do is believe.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Des Lunettes xD

Todaay.. i bought my mummy, new dior sunnies ! She LOVES me now !
T_______________T she neva loved me before -
it was like 4 weeks of my pay !!!!!! well.. at least she is happppyyy xD

En Sunnybank avec Mes amis =]

Hmm.. i spent half my holidays at sunnybank ~

pretty cool placce to be =]
i just have some of the photos.. cbb loading all of it >_<
I`mmm soooo lazy.. only loading .. the ones tht "appeal" to me =P

estherr leeee; sooo typical pretty korean =]
Kristy ... she is soo cute !!!!
ROFL =] Jenny Ra is effin hilarious!! dw dw hero is ALL yours

Avec mes amis :)

hahhahaha that day was sooo unplanned !! we were supposed to rent out a movie and eat pizza.
as yoou can see;;;; it never worked out! instead we walked ALL the way to ashmore plaza ... & sat at the park for an hour =] i thought it was a relaxing day.. with the girls =D

I love my white asians !

Le aƩroport

i was soo sad that daaay - Geshi la left to India !!!!!!! T______T
geshi was like my grand-dad >__<>

I hope geshi is doing good there !!!! im so going to india at the end of the year (after korea & japan)

so.. this is what alex and i were doing... at the airport.. pranking ppl and taking photos ! =]

xoxo why is she soo pretty xoxo

Merci beaucoup !!


really want to saaay thank-yoou to Hong for the pressie !!
Although.. i trashed his birthday T___T

Sorryy -__- pucca is adorbale.. & i love the piggy wallet... or purse !!!

La vacance =]

ROFLMOA xD don`t ask me what he was doing ... because i have NO clue >_

Mmm.. I thought that the japanese restaurant was pretty cool .. but it was sooo expensive >___< ... maybe i`m jjust a cheapo =O
it gives the whole japanese vibe~~

Justin`s sobaaaa T___T hahahahha

Yuri`s dish !

My dish

L'ecole ^_^

ROFL =] thesh - Mylife would suck without thesh !

I`m just dedicating this blog to Chante =]
My racist stooopid friend <3>