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Thursday, April 23, 2009

No laah i was just bored =]

Dont point the camera at me missy



Tongue-a-licios bebe

This blog is R18+ rated !!

Poorr richard.. he was wasted... The girls used him BIG TIME ~ [i wasnt there MAN]
LOL --''

Sophie & me

LalalaKirralie, ben & chante



LOL kirralie


yeaahh.. i invited ayako to the party.. Thanks... if u werent there "apprently" i would be dead by now ==''

well.. girls, this is my collection on my phone.. I dont have anymore.. was too damm lazy OKAAY !! hahaha
btw... this was Tash's b'day which was very very very fun... what I ! remembered anyways..

teeheehee ^_^

Dinner at palazzo versace [Shoot the meals are hell expensive] ==''
Lucky i didn't have to pay for it =P
heheheh =]

errghh... the place is too classsy for me.. it almost ticks me off ... how pish posh it is ~
ratherr go somewhere like.... urrr..... surfers or something.. or street food in japan.. or something.. much more enjoyable..
Guess.. parents love that kind of atmosphere.. *tsh tsh* T__T
the architect is nice - i guess.. & the service is cool... LOL
but i wouldnt like to have this kind of life style... so many things to live up to *the standards* ^_^ ... me me ratherr hobo bobo bebe~ hahah =]

Quel que chose..

Oh mon Dieux mes amis !

sooo white.... urghh ... Yoou see the best & less.. ewww yuuuuuck

Can`t smile for fudge !

urgh .... Pout huny

Before work.. bored cam ass !

Hayley Wild & moi ! @ cross country hunnies

Whoaaa ! I haven`t blogged for like a fairr while now..... it has beeen too too long dearies .. too long~~
ahhh geeez i dont remember what i did --'' Gaahh >___< ...waiit.. let me think for a bit....

Ohh right... lets recap abut the holidays.. shall we...... I officially did NOTHING oO'' besides work and tash`s party !! eerrr.. Tash`s party shall NEVER be mentioned.. until the daayy I DIE ! ! ! !
Zeee photos.. are going to be published.. ONCE i... upload them ~ ROFLMAO xD..
mmm.. ahh yaahh. cross country was hilarious.. we walked... the whole 2km bebe =]

Angela double stamped us because she loved us xD [we were supposed to run *cough walk* two rounds.... aka 4km *i think*] We Cheated~ =D
welll............. our whole group came 2nd last.. soooooo --'' yeahh .. hahah --'' ....