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Sunday, March 15, 2009

maxine !!

Maxine my dearr lovely friend - that ends up paying me out in every convo =0
soo heart broken
sorry i didn`t pick up yourr phone calls - i was studying & your lovely voice would distract me ..
yoour distraction is worse den goo joon pyo`s !!
Rememberrr THE HYD ~~~ thursdaaay night =]

well .. todaay sucked ! i decided to stay home today; to focus on my chem ... but now i`m distracted again .. so i`m blogging !!!!!!! mmm ... i really feel like ramen ~ the one at ichiban boshi with yuri !! I loove sitting on our buttocks the whole day and talk about nothing .. but somehow it all fits and links ! --''

AHHHH laura !!! math tutor - dangg i cudn`t go because i`m too lazy ^_^
Our graphics exam is on wednesday ~~ epik fail .. ~ why does chem & math B exam all in one day !!!!

oohhh pooooo i better do some quality work !

놓지 않을 거에요 바로 그대니까요

mwaahaha i love this song ~~

I will be waiting for you

그댈 기다릴게요

더이상 아픈 눈물 보이지 않을래요

You let me know 거짓말 같은 사랑

놓지 않을 거에요 바로 그대니까요

this is like the (goosebump) part of the drama ... ><'' the song "starlight" tears started to plaayy & i`m like "sinking into chair" not a very appealing scene but ... if you watch it ` you`ll know what i mean !

Boys over Flowers

omgahh >_<
i was watching.. korean boys over flowers and i`m like in love with goo joon pyo <3
he is sooo cheesy and cute ! hehehe
well .. i screen print my favourite scene ... !! i thought it was sooo cute =]
btw .. this blog is going to be dedicated to boys over flowers ! hahahahahah so sad isnt it ==''

.. i was stalking lee min ho. on hancinema .. & i came across this picture !! for some reason, this pic looks like han ~~ not the face of course but the body ~! Doesn`t anyone think so ? hahahahah (yuri - NOOO WAY)

hmmm ... well.. you guys have to keep up with my changing subject scheme ! LOL .. i`m just gonnah write what poops in my head :D

ohh look at kim Boem - he is soo cute with Ga eul ~~ ahhhhhhhh i hope the korean drama changes - so they actually get together !! They areeee soooooo adorable >_<*squeels* heheheheh =P he is sooooo baby cute ~~~ awwwwwwww *pat pat*

& yuri . i want to be her --> when i get to uni =D hahahahahahh our LONG discussion about "cuteness" is sinking into me .. slowly.. & has very slow effect... its coming ~~~

i thought his new haircut is pretty sweeet .. but some parts of the drama.. he is like gay ! ahahahh with Joon pyo =] But i still think he is cool.. LOL autistic . convo ~~ (yuri) ..