Bienvenue Mes Amis

All you got to do is believe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Qu'est-ce que vous pensez?

Parties.Hoes & Moes.

I have it all; So it seems. The truth can be told in one photo but the meaning can be said in thousands of words. Too deep for you?

deal with it.

I'm very obscure about the 'true' facts of life; momentously enjoying the fiction life though. It brings the thrill in everyone. [place a deck of cards in your hands. What you're going to do with it, is your choice. People can tell you to deal it or shuffle it but in the end; It's still your choice].

Girls just wanna have fun! If you're going to be there & tell me tales of how i should live my life. Go & get a life! Thoughtfully.

Revenu <3

Yeah yeah, I've heard it all! Where have you been? Did you finally get a social life?
Fair enough, all myth and theories are accepted.
I guess, CommunityChannel has died; nothing else to do, besides blog & making videos for youtube.

I better start blogging again before mylife goes in the handy trash bin. REJECTION.
Haven't been doing much lately, kind of disappointing - to be honest. Maybe, if I blog once a week, then I'll remember what to account.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh em gee.. i haven't blogged for yonks.. I really Cbb =]

well.. Nothing much happend.. Just school assignment that makes me go all devoooo -.-''
Really really devo ! I`ve just finished my math B assignment.. & really pissed atm.. because of some people i`ve tried to help & they just turn around and back stab me.. Yoou know.. Its soo annoying.. I really want to bash him .. !!!

Anyways;; i just had to saaay that to let all my angerr out =]

Ohh Yeaaah the good thing.. is my sister is bacccck xD
I love her soo much muah xoxo i`ll upload later.. when i feel like it xDDDD

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bento lunch !

One daay my lunch is going to be Like that ! errgh.. but when do i find.. the time ~~ Time conssuuming >_<>
its soo cool though .. AAAHHHH ! i want a bentooo now ! mmm.. but it has to be somethingg like thatt.. yoou know Sanrio characterrs.. [kuromi] xD


I`m amazed- as in how celebrities look the same.. even when they
were like ... [in their teenager years].. I do wonderr~ if it is possible to photoshop old photos?.. (like noses and stuff) ~~~~Anyways
Hmmm.. so i guess. what i look like now.. is what i wud look like when im olderrr >_< !! Nooooo ~~~ I nononon Like =='' Gaaahhh !!! well................................. I guess... iono.. i have to live with it ~ haha


mm.. i guess.. at least in th world.. there is someone who is made for us... like adam & eve [i just pulled that one out of no where] Like yooou know.... Ying yang... or..... or..... ice-cream and redbean ! or....... nutella and bread...

sometimes i have nutella by itself... but no... it tastes Better together =]
mm.. so i believeee in soulmate..
& Goo jooon pyo is myine

Je me manque ma amie Yuri !

mm.. i swearr.. Yuri really really suits yoou !

dangumm why can`t i have a name like that.. instead of.. Thy-thy [viet name] *sigh* some people pronounce it as... Titi! wth --'' *sighhh&cries*
Yoou`ll have to treasure the picture; or i`ll... ..... ..... ..... .... ..... won`t send u another one? hahahaha

I hope one daay Yoou & i would find our true soul mate *giggles*
OMG... the picture doesnt have Ltd. ahh i`m screwed >>''