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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bento lunch !

One daay my lunch is going to be Like that ! errgh.. but when do i find.. the time ~~ Time conssuuming >_<>
its soo cool though .. AAAHHHH ! i want a bentooo now ! mmm.. but it has to be somethingg like thatt.. yoou know Sanrio characterrs.. [kuromi] xD


  1. hmmmm hk. jp, another asian countries would most likely to have it
    u can buy them online.
    but i dont know if they can send it to aus. =]

  2. heyyy
    just realised ive neva commented on your blog,

    omg those bento lunches are just too awesome
    i can never be bothered to make one like that thooo

    anywayyss we are working tomorrowwww yewww
    see yaaaa <3