Bienvenue Mes Amis

All you got to do is believe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Qu'est-ce que vous pensez?

Parties.Hoes & Moes.

I have it all; So it seems. The truth can be told in one photo but the meaning can be said in thousands of words. Too deep for you?

deal with it.

I'm very obscure about the 'true' facts of life; momentously enjoying the fiction life though. It brings the thrill in everyone. [place a deck of cards in your hands. What you're going to do with it, is your choice. People can tell you to deal it or shuffle it but in the end; It's still your choice].

Girls just wanna have fun! If you're going to be there & tell me tales of how i should live my life. Go & get a life! Thoughtfully.

Revenu <3

Yeah yeah, I've heard it all! Where have you been? Did you finally get a social life?
Fair enough, all myth and theories are accepted.
I guess, CommunityChannel has died; nothing else to do, besides blog & making videos for youtube.

I better start blogging again before mylife goes in the handy trash bin. REJECTION.
Haven't been doing much lately, kind of disappointing - to be honest. Maybe, if I blog once a week, then I'll remember what to account.