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Sunday, March 22, 2009

a contraire !

urrr --''

todaay i got my marks back for english & Math B - epik failure ~!
i got a B+ for English & math !!! OMGAHH >_< & thats for not studying !!!! Imagine if i did study~~ my marks would mount so high ,.... but life goes on - i guess

Tomorrow~ I have - my ancient hisstory exam *dun duun duuuuuun* SCREAMS ! i better get at least a B or else i`ll cry T.T

same if i dont get an A overall this term ... i`ll shall commit suicide *cough cough* Nahhh... i`ll just try harder next term ............... DANG IT GIRLS !!!
i shudda stayed home saturday night ! OH MY GOD~
on saturday night was AMAZING !!!! i had the unexpected night~
well.. this is how it started .... i was at my phoenician apartment & my friend (stanely) called... they were downstairs at like 12am in the morning ! =0 they told me to come night clubbing at east --'' well.. i didn`t have an ID so i said - Girls; wait until i`m 18 den take me clubbing =P They bribed me with chocolate & there i was, ALL dressed up and ready to party~ BUT my sister came home...... & she was like "what do u think ur going missy?" i was head over heels.. i really didnt know what to reply, So matt said "she is going clubbing; do you want to join" ... OMFG i was just like wtf did u just say??????
to my amazement my sister agreeed~ it felt just lik a dream! my bro and sis came with my to "EAST" ... there were about 20 of us.. & unexpectedly, i was the youngest out of the idiots =D

don`t worry; i only had one shot & i just watched them get pissed drunk =] it was amazing `
Kim ur dam sexy when ur drunk =] ALL the boys would want you wen ur that drunk !!! AHAHAHAH
the photos would be on soon after i uploaded them... but its kinda blurry >_<

Thanks for the great night girls & faggots =]

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  1. im jus.....passing
    maybe i ll drop a cm. for u
    see u at school. =]