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Thursday, March 5, 2009

La Nouveau Annee =]

chinese New year =] Mmm.. a new year = a new year solution
*cough* New yearr solution --''

I haven`t really worked out mine yet .. things change rapidly; i just have to adapt to it .. i guess ==

Things have changed dramatically !

hmm ... let me think ! what has changed through out the year !? =]

well; now im in year 12 (suicidal year) -

Have to work my buttocks off, to get the marks=0

Aza Aza Fighting (ref to Full house) =P

Well, school is alright i guess ... [additional memembers to the group] ^_^ -

majority from Mother England (LOL) =]

Luff them lots >''<

Mmm.. my summer holidays can be concluded as "work work work & more work"

I work at best & less (paccas) visit me ! --''

I had a pretty much friendless holidaay >_<

Always at home or at work =] i guess; cash flow is good ! ^_^er.. but i`ll try to remember what i did .. i`ll just add captions underneath the photos =]

let seee.. i don`t really remember what i did during the holidays ...

Well... Chinese New year was uhmm goood =) but ... i expected more ! we didn`t do much ... Maverick was pissed the whole time .. [food was crap] LOL ==
Hong was just meh .. the whole night - Ayako & david were like "talk talk talk talk" thank-god they like to chit chat :)

well thats david kwon; known as some random =)

Hong`s back ... ROFL =] Camera Shy xD

Maverick - eager waiting for The lion dance .. which we only saw the buttocks =0

Ayako =] She is sooo pretty !!! aahhh ... but camera shy too >_< !

bleh;; thats all i pretty much can remember ... such a goldfish --''

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