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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aujourd`hui =]

Todaay was supposed to be a get together daaay with my dear friend Yuri =]
But that Nevaaa happend T__________________T

I felt sooo bad; i really wanted to go to southport & have lunch with her !! Havent seen her for like yonks ~!! Gahhh >_<>
Anyways; this is what happend ... i was woken up with a phone call from Best & less - asking, if i could work for them today?!? at that moment; i had no idea what to answer .. [i was still half asleep] so i answered; "i`ll ask my mummy"

*sigh* i shudda said i was busy.... but seeing my mummy is going to japan in 5 weeks .. & i really want some stuff ... so i decided to go to work ! [because my mummy said so]

soo.. i
basically; i started work at 11 - subbing for Jamsmine !! =]
{gahh !! i hate registers.. its sooo boring and lame.. i rather tidy den serve customers !!}

ANYWAYS - i was in kids basic .. i`ll tell u this... kids basics is the most gayest area to tidy.. because NOTHING interests yoou in that section ~
the day went on.... & on .... & on .... & on .... & on..... till 5:30 !!!!! YAY freeedom ..
OMG! i forgot; i`m supposed to write a list down of all the jap dramas i have for leina !!!
better go and do it now !

20 miuntes later ...
back!! yepp done !
okaay, where were we .. ohh thats right ... after work
my sister and my brother picked me up~
sophiaaa wanted to go swimming at her friend`s apartment ...
i was sooo phreakin tired >_<>
i must say .. the apartment was AWESOME.. i can see the WHOLE of broadbeach from the window~~~ i want an apartment like that.. when i`m rich mwahahaahha =P
look how cool the view is !!!

the card to get in ~ Refer to bottom pic- something i cant live without.. aveda shampoo & conditioner =P

Btw; i`ve managed to tidy my room... & its sooo clean now~

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  1. gha ye u ditched me for best and less ~~ .. >.<